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M3 Baseball Training Facility, LLC., is owned and operated by former Major League baseball player Michael Coleman.  Michael Coleman is a well known Nashvillian. After his thirteen year playing career, he has returned to the Metropolitan Area. He formed the M3 Baseball Training Facility as his way of teaching what he has learned at the Major League level. With the intent to help prepare young adults mentally and physically for the next level of their baseball careers.    New York Yankees   Boston Red Sox  Cincinnati Reds Tampa Bay Devil Rays. As a retired professional Baseball Player, I have become well-known and respected throughout the greater Nashville area. I have developed my own unique training methods, all aimed at syncing the body and mind in preparation for competing against the best. I believe that a rigorous training system not only develops physical strength, but also the mental stamina required to compete at the highest levels of the game. At M3 Baseball Training Facility, I keep up with the latest techniques and methodologies, and consistently push my athletes to the limit.

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